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Why Is Fast Water Remediation So Important?

6/20/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Why Is Fast Water Remediation So Important? While you may not be able to stop the damage that a pipe burst causes, you can make sure the damage does not spread to other parts of your property.

After a pipe burst in your Woodstock, GA, commercial building, you may wonder why you need to call in a commercial restoration team so quickly. After all, the damage has already been done to your building. What more can happen? Fast water remediation is an important process because it can help control damage, speed up recovery and start prevention.

Control Damage

A burst pipe can cause a lot of damage to your property. Much of the damage is done in the seconds it takes for the pipe to burst. However, there is secondary damage that can be caused if you let the problem fester for too long.

• Mold growth: Mold can start to grow in standing water or high humidity in 24 to 48 hours.
• High humidity: High humidity in your building can damage electronics in other parts of your space.
• Furnishing wear: Carpets, drapes and other furniture may be salvaged if you remove the water quickly, but if you allow it to set for days on end, more items will have to be thrown out.

Right after the pipe burst, some of your belongings may be ruined no matter how quickly you react. However, fast cleanup can help you save yourself from even more troubles.

Speed Up Recovery

Addressing a water or mold cleanup quickly can help you speed up the recovery for your business. If you allow the water to sit there, your company may have to stay out of business for weeks or months while the problem is fixed.

Start Prevention

Getting a team of professionals in quickly can also help you start preventing future flooding problems. Some companies may be able to help you inspect your building for other potential hazards. Regular cleanings and maintenance can help you avoid future water-related problems.

While you may not be able to stop the damage that a pipe burst causes, you can make sure the damage does not spread to other parts of your property. Quickly reacting to this disaster can save you time and money. For more information, visit

3 Ways Black Water May Enter Your Business

6/14/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage 3 Ways Black Water May Enter Your Business Protecting your Woodstock, GA, commercial building from water damage can be a challenge, especially when you are facing a flood.

You probably go to great lengths when it comes to protecting your Woodstock, GA, business. However, one danger you may not have considered is how flooding and other types of water damage might harm the property. Floods can have a variety of sources, especially in the case of contaminated water, and knowing their sources might help you better prepare for a water disaster and protect yourself and your employees from the danger it can cause.

1. Sewage Floods

When heavy rains occur, debris and overflow may cause your neighborhood’s sewer system to fail. When this occurs, toilets may back up and spill over. Because this water can contain human feces, urine and sewage chemicals, it would likely be graded as category 3 by a storm damage and flood cleanup service, which you may want to call in instead of trying to drain it away yourself.

2. Overflow From Creeks and Streams

Category 3, or black water, can enter your commercial building when it overflows from nearby creeks and streams during the rainy season. This water is considered contaminated because it may contain animal or human feces, runoff from sewer drains and other dangerous toxins. If this type of flood enters your building, it is a good idea to evacuate until flood cleanup experts can come to handle the draining and disposal of the water.

3. Plumbing Floods

While most any kind of flood can cause water damage, even clean water can degrade if it is not cleaned up right away. For example, if a pipe bursts under your breakroom sink on a Friday evening and the water sits until Monday morning, the stagnation can cause bacterium or mold to form. Installing moisture alarms in your building may help prevent such issues.

Protecting your Woodstock, GA, commercial building from water damage can be a challenge, especially when you are facing a flood. However, knowing how to deal with black water safely may help you feel confident in the face of a water emergency. For more information, visit

Locating A Quality Company To Protect Your Canton Home From Water Damage

5/31/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Locating A Quality Company To Protect Your Canton Home From Water Damage Water Leaks in Canton Can Be Restored by SERVPRO

You Found SERVPRO to Restore Your Home to Pre-loss Condition

You loaded the dishwasher the same way you always do, but something went wrong this time. With water gushing everywhere, you try not to panic. You need to keep calm and think about what to do next.

We get calls about this kind of incident more often than you would probably guess. Poor installation or the improper maintenance of appliances installed in the kitchen of your Canton home can cause extensive water damage when you least expect it.

SERPVRO understands how important it can be to receive immediate attention to water intrusions in your home. We provide you with expertly trained professional technicians that offer many services developed to protect the structure and contents of your home from additional damages while disrupting your normal daily life as little as possible. We work hard to maintain a comfortable, safe environment throughout your entire restoration process.  

SERVPRO technicians have the flexibility to adjust our water damage restoration process to fit your unique situation. However, the core services we provide remain the same. We start by performing a full inspection of your property, which includes explaining our restoration process and addressing any concerns you may have. After assessing the damage affecting your home, we determine the exact services to use and begin work immediately. The severity of the water flooding determines the scope of the inspection before the service begins.
Next, we utilize high-quality extraction equipment to remove any standing water that remains on your property. Depending on the amount of water that exists, we could use wet-dry vacuums, hand-held or truck mounted water extractors, and in some cases, we find it necessary to deploy submersible pumps to remove water that exceeds two inches in depth as quickly and efficiently as possible.
SERVPRO IICRC certified technicians also have access to advanced drying and dehumidification equipment including air movers, dehumidifiers-chemical, mechanical, and refrigerated, and moisture detectors to create the proper drying environment for your belongings. These tools give us the ability to prevent secondary damages from developing throughout your home, saving many of its contents.
Putting the finishing touches on your restoration process by providing the proper cleaning and sanitization methods for removing any stains or odors that develop during exposure, and performing any necessary repairs.
We have several years of experience in dealing with water damage and flooding from various sources including, storm damage, broken appliances, water heaters, plumbing, flooded basements, sewage backups, firefighting efforts and natural disasters. Regardless of the source of your problem, we have the resources to handle any size disaster quickly and efficiently. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.
Our technicians are eagerly waiting for the opportunity to meet or exceed your expectations, contact SERVPRO of Cherokee County today. (770) 887-1962

Post-Fire: Getting Rid of the Smell

5/21/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Post-Fire: Getting Rid of the Smell Addressing smoke damage in your building can be frustrating, but by doing post-fire inspection and cleaning the right way, you can avoid an odor.

After a fired has occurred in your Woodstock, GA, building, a plethora of obstacles can appear ahead. Before, you were worried about the safety of the occupants and the potential of the fire spreading, and now you’re likely worried about the damage done. Yes, it can be shocking to return to a smoked-coated building interior. Discover a few facts about what smoke damage can do and what you can do to remedy it.

Smoke is Sneaky

Once you've been given the go-ahead to reenter the building, you may need the judgment of fire damage professionals to determine what items can be salvaged. Because smoke can permeate various parts of an indoor space, it's essential that you get a proper inspection. Smoke also produces small amounts of carbon in the air, ultimately creating soot, and completely removing the odor from some items can prove challenging.

There Are Different Types

In addition, be aware that there may be multiple soot damage culprits, as there are different types of smoke:

• Dry smoke
• Wet smoke
• Protein fire residue

Although any kind of smoke damage is a hassle to deal with, wet smoke – involving plastic or rubber – can be sharper in odor and harder to address. Dry smoke involves wood or paper and can also be difficult to clean. Protein fire residue, which can be subtle, has a familiar, pungent odor.

Porous Materials are Vulnerable

Every surface likely needs attention after a fire, but the permeable ones are usually trickiest. Items such as curtains, rugs, and other upholsteries probably need to go to the dry cleaner. Another task on your list should involve keeping your cleaned items out of the building until a proper smoke cleaning is complete.

Addressing smoke damage in your building can be frustrating, but by doing post-fire inspection and subsequent cleaning the right way, you can avoid a lingering odor. For more information, visit

Which of My Possessions Are Most Likely to Grow Mold?

5/14/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Which of My Possessions Are Most Likely to Grow Mold? Organic matter can also be a breeding ground for mildew.

Mold prevention is all about preparedness, and part of being prepared is knowing which parts of your home and your possessions are vulnerable to mold damage. To prevent mold growth and mildew growth, it’s important to watch for water penetration, leakage, and flood or storm damage after a natural disaster in Woodstock, GA. But which parts of your home are most vulnerable to mold damage?

Checking Structural Integrity

The very foundations of your house can be the first place where mold damage starts, and often you won’t find it until a complete and thorough inspection. Mold damage can affect:

• Drywall
• Wood flooring
• Laminate and tile flooring
• Wallpaper
• Carpeting

Water damage soaked into any of these areas of your home can start mold growth at a deep and structural level.

Watching Out for Mold-Contaminated Furniture

If your furniture has started to pick up a musty odor, it’s possible you have mold growing inside the upholstery or older wood. When there’s excess moisture in the air or dripping down the walls, it can soak into your furniture and allow dormant mold spores in the upholstery and stuffing to breed. Items to watch can include:

• Sofa and chair cushions
• Older wood furniture
• Curtains
• Anything plastic with hollow areas inside that may hold water

Look for dark spots on the walls near furniture. These spots may be water damage or may be spreading mold and mildew, and can be a likely indicator that mold contamination has spread to your furniture. Once mold has penetrated the furniture, it may be impossible to clean and may have to be destroyed.

Eliminate Organic Sources

Organic matter can also be a breeding ground for mildew. This can include plants with dead leaves left to rot, books shelved against a wall with a water leak, or food stored in improper conditions. Routinely check your home for anything that might breed mold to prevent ongoing growth. For more information, visit

How To Put Out a Small Fire

5/7/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage How To Put Out a Small Fire If you have a small kitchen fire, follow these five basic steps.

If a residential fire occurs in Woodstock, GA, evacuating the home is the safest thing to do. If the fire is small, however, you can keep it from spreading by using a fire extinguisher. While you should still call emergency response units and fire restoration specialists no matter the fire’s size, extinguishing the fire yourself can prevent further fire damage and may even save your home.

1. Noting the Escape Route

Do not let the fire get between you and your way out of the building. If, for example, you have a small kitchen fire, face the flames and turn your back on the kitchen door rather than the cabinets. Keep your distance from the fire. You don’t have to get too close to it for the fire extinguisher to work properly.

2. Pulling the Pin

The pin is the device on the extinguisher that keeps it from accidentally discharging if it is bumped or jostled. Once you remove the pin, it breaks the seal to release the extinguishing agent stored within the tank.

3. Aiming the Hose

The area of the fire you want to target is its base. The point of contact between the burning item and the fire is what feeds it. If you eliminate the base, you are more likely to be successful in putting out the fire.

4. Squeezing the Handle

Once you have lined up the hose with the base of the fire, squeeze the handle. This action draws the extinguishing agent out of the tank and releases it through the hose and onto the fire.

5. Sweeping the Hose

Move your arm back and forth to move the spray across the whole base of the fire. It doesn’t do you any good to put one side of the fire out while the other side keeps going strong. This motion allows you to cover as much area as possible before the contents of the tank run out.

If you have a small kitchen fire, follow these five basic steps. You may be able to save your home in Woodstock, GA, with a fire extinguisher. For more information, visit

3 Strategies for Preventing Mold in a Rented Commercial Building

4/26/2018 (Permalink)

If you rent a commercial building in Woodstock, GA, then you may take many preventative measures for keeping it safe. Fire and theft alarms, along with renter’s insurance, may be some ways you protect yourself and the building. However, one danger you might have not considered is the encroachment of mold into your rented space. While a certified mold cleanup and restoration service can assist with the removal of fungi, there are a few actions you can take to prevent it from taking hold.

1. Clean Up Minor Floods Right Away

Even minor floods, such as those in a restaurant kitchen, can cause water damage and encourage mold growth, so it is important to clean up the resulting standing water as soon as possible. If the floor contains grout, you may want to use industrial fans to dry it completely, as it is common for fungi to hide there once it has been exposed to moisture, making mold cleanup difficult.

2. Be Vigilant in Watching for Leaks

While mold spores exist naturally in the air, they are attracted to dark, moist areas that allow them to multiply at a rapid pace. Leaking pipes and water lines are a common place for mold to develop, especially if they go unnoticed. Check fixtures and under-cabinet pipes at least once a month, and report any leaks to your landlord right away.

3. Mitigate Water Issues Quickly

Even if the owner of the building has flood insurance, the policyholder may not accept the claim unless you, the renter, took steps to prevent further water damage and mold contamination. Performing whatever mitigation you can until flood specialists arrive may assist your landlord with filing a viable claim and keep you in good standing as a responsible renter.

The time you take to prevent mold growth at your rented Woodstock, GA, commercial property can be well worth it, especially when you consider the financial loss of shutting down your business for mold cleanup. Even if you do not own the building, being a responsible tenant benefits it, you and your landlord. For more information, visit

5 Causes of Water Damage in Commercial Buildings

4/22/2018 (Permalink)

Many fixtures and appliances within your commercial building use water and can malfunction. Although it is sometimes impossible to tell when you might deal with a broken pipe, flooding, or another potential issue, it isn’t too hard to identify common causes of water damage. Here are five things in your commercial building that you should look out for.

1. Malfunctioning Sprinklers

Many commercial buildings take advantage of a fire sprinkler system. These fixtures can stop fires quickly, but they can easily become culprits of water damage if they start leaking or malfunctioning. Sprinklers require yearly inspections to help maintain their efficiency, but it doesn’t hurt to do an additional occasional routine check.

2. Roof Leaks

Roofs are a common cause of water damage within both commercial buildings and residential homes. Whether it is because the roof is old or damaged by weather, it’s best to tackle the problem quickly before the damage gets worse. A few signs of a leaking roof may include the following:

• Stained walls or ceiling
• Water that drips from above
• A foul odor that won’t go away

If you notice any of these signs, you might want to call a water repair company in Woodstock, GA, to help you out.

3. Overflowing Toilets

Sometimes toilets can malfunction or clog, forcing the water to continually fall into the bowl until it overflows. If this happens, turn off the water by turning the shutoff valve on the wall directly behind the toilet.

4. Bursting Pipes

Water pipes that break or burst can lead to a lot of serious damage. Immediately shut your water off to prevent further damage. Start removing the water, and get professional help to fix the broken pipe as soon as possible.

5. Broken Water Heaters

Water can spill out of water heaters when the seal on the appliance is cracked or broken. Don’t forget to inspect your water heater often to prevent damage from occurring.

Although a broken pipe, roof leaks, and overflowing toilets are never wanted, you can be prepared for a potential disaster. Use these tips to save time and money when dealing with water damage. For more information, visit

Beginner's Guide To Making a Flood Damage Claim

4/17/2018 (Permalink)

Once you become a homeowner, you take on a lot of firsts. While some firsts are fun, others are a bit more tedious. If your Woodstock, GA, home is ever flooded, you may have to make your first claim through your flood insurance. Some storm damage experts may be able to help you walk through this process.

1. Contact your provider. As soon as flooding ravages your home, you need to start the insurance claim process. Getting in touch with your provider gets you on the right path.
2. Schedule an adjuster. Most insurance providers want an adjuster to come out to your house to assess the damage done. You should schedule this appointment right away because the adjuster's schedule may be full.
3. Record the damage. Take pictures of damaged materials and flood levels for proof of your need of the flood insurance coverage. Unless the adjuster can make it to your home the same day, you cannot wait for him or her to start the cleanup process.
4. Begin cleanup. Start drying out your home as soon as you can. If you leave this for too long, you have a greater chance of having to deal with mold growth.
5. Keep damaged materials. While you do want to start the cleanup process right away, you also want to make sure your adjuster will understand the extent of the damage. Keeping the materials can give you further proof of the damage done to your home.
6. Sign a proof of loss statement. When the adjuster is able to come to your home, he or she will look around the property to assess the damage done. You will likely have to sign a proof of loss statement to show you agree with what was found.

Flood insurance can make cleaning up after a storm much less of a headache. If you don't have this coverage, you may be financially responsible for the cleanup and remediation. For more information, visit

Comprehensive And Professional Fire Damage Restoration For Waleska Homeowners

3/30/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Comprehensive And Professional Fire Damage Restoration For Waleska Homeowners Waleska Fire Damage? Call SERVPRO for Help

Fire & Smoke Damaged Property--SERVPRO Services Are the Solution for Waleska

After a fire damages your home the list of tasks needing completion to return the house and contents to the preloss condition can be overwhelming. The average homeowner faces a complex set of interrelated issues affecting the safety of the building's structure and the health and security of family members displaced because of the fire. SERVPRO is ready to serve as your fire damage remediation company, helping to restore and repair the damage done to your home from top to bottom. Instead of you spending precious time finding various vendors to attend to a wide range of consequences traceable to the fire, we offer professional restoration services that can take care of all tasks, big and small, necessary to get your home life back to normal fast.
When fire damages your Waleska home, expect our project manager to inspect the building thoroughly to identify all the issues that need attention in response to your call for help. A home that has experienced a fire often shows significant water damage, and may also need chemical extinguisher residues abated. The plan devised by our on-site supervisor addresses all damage done as a result of the fire. Our technicians are well qualified in all aspects of fire.

All heating, cooling and other mechanical systems are evaluated and included in the restoration plan, making sure that any residual smoke or soot damage is contained, cleaned, or sealed off permanently. Smoky smells can be deodorized, using best industry practices. Because water damage can lead to complications like microbial growth or the deterioration of building materials and contents, our crews focus on removing moisture quickly, using air movers and other equipment as necessary. SERVPRO staff is equally expert at mitigating the effects of water or fire. Subcontracting, costly in both time and money, is minimized but we do have expert partners when addition expertise is required. The expectation that we remediate smoke, soot, chemical, and water damage will be realized, "Like it never even happened."
A fire unleashes a broad range of issues that SERVPRO of Cherokee County is fully capable of solving for homeowners in our community. Contact us at (770) 924-3848 to schedule an inspection that leads to the steps needed to restore fire damage to your property.