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Why Professional Water Damage Restoration is Better than DIY

9/14/2017 (Permalink)

Why Professional Water Damage Restoration is Better than DIY

DIY is great for a lot of things. However, when it comes to water damage, you can only handle so much mitigation before it's obvious that the flood damage is more than you can handle. It's best to work with a restoration company from the very beginning because of the tools and knowledge that they possess.

Dealing with Water Cleanup

The water cleanup has to be done immediately. If you allow the water to sit too long while you look up videos or obtain equipment, you might end up having bigger problems to deal with. Only some mitigation should be done on your own. If you have a flooded home or water in a business, you have to get the water out fast.

Professionals will have pumps and an array of techniques to get the water out of the building. Whether it's from a pipe break, a supply line break, or something else, the focus is on the water. You can figure out the cause later. If it is a supply line break or pipe break, you can turn off the water supply.

Assessing Water Damage

There's no denying that you will have water damage. However, some can be saved by drying. What can't be saved by drying will be removed from the flooded home or business. Water all, if you have water in a business or home, it's expected that some things will be damaged. Especially if there was a pipe break or supply line break, you could be dealing with hundreds or even thousands of gallons of water.

The flood damage might be severe. If you haven't dealt with such a thing before, you don't want to be overwhelmed. Professionals can ensure that the flooded home or business is addressed properly.

Identifying What Can Be Saved

You want to save as much as possible. However, you might be emotionally tied to things that could leave you with water damaged items even after you get the water in a home or business out. Restoration professionals don't have the same emotional ties. They will be realistic in the mitigation process as to what needs to go and what can be saved with thorough drying methods.

Creating the Restoration Plan

A comprehensive restoration plan needs to be created. This ensures that all is taken care of once the water cleanup and drying are complete. You want to make sure that the water in a home or water in a business is dealt with on every level.

With a DIY approach, there is a possibility that you will forget a step or a location. This could lead to mold, mildew, and other problems later on.

By working with a restoration company, they see to it that the flood damage is completely handled. It's a guarantee that the water damage will no longer plague you.

Overcoming Water in a Home or Business

Professionals from a restoration company will be the best at restoration because it is what they do. They have helped with water in homes and water in businesses on many occasions. As such, they know how to deal with the aftermath of a pipe break, supply line break, or flood damage.

They will repair what can be repaired and restore what can be restored. They will build, patch, and install new materials as it is needed. Often, they will work with insurance when it is possible, too. This will help you with water in a business or home in a more comprehensive way than trying to do it all yourself.

Some mitigation can be done on your own in regards to water cleanup. However, when there is a lot of water damage, you will get better results by calling a restoration company. They can help you with a flooded home or business so that everything is done properly.
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How to Restore Fire Damage in a Business

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How to Restore Fire Damage in a Business

Fire damage reinstatement would reverse injuries caused by the fire in a business allowing the owners to get back to normal life quickly. Seeking the intervention of professional restoring teams with a fire truck and fire hose increases the chance of getting the premises into its normalcy. This article outlines the process of fire restoration in business to avoid fire suppression.

• Emergency Contact

Most commercial fire damage entities have emergency service contacts 24/7 for the affected party to dial in case of occurrences of electrical fire for appropriate relief. The services are readily available in incidents of fire in utility room fire to prevent fire suppression. Property owners should save contacts of reputable soot damage firms who have an operational fire hose, fire sprinkler system, and fire truck. The professionals have the responsibilities of putting out fires and removing smoke smell from buildings. The firefighter understands that if the soot and smoke smell sit unattended for long, it becomes hard to fix the problem.

• Damage Assessment

The soot damage team must have fire truck to get to the property immediately after landowners contact them. Water presence in the furniture and other assets tend to increase the soot and smoke damage. The cleanup personnel will design a detailed action plan after the firefighter has evaluated the extent of soot and smoke damage to determine the fire suppression. This procedure looks at how far the smoke and fire have extended in the utility room fire to know the appropriate approaches to employ to solve the problem. The reports are ideal when estimating the amount needed to rectify the condition. A competent commercial fire damage companies will have fire sprinkler system and fire hose.

• Sealing

Commercial fire damage entities search for possible avenues the smoke damage is likely to worsen. The team will seal all holes on the wall and roof of utility room fire to make sure no fire suppression. A firefighter uses special materials that will prevent elements from passing through to the items. Water is a bad component of electrical fire as it makes the problem worse. The soot damage professionals will tell whether the fire damage can affect the water system in a building.

• Fire Cleanup Process

The fire cleanup procedure in utility room fire involves cleaning dust, soot, and smoke from property surfaces. Normally, occurrences of fire in business leave property stained, charred, and smelling smoke. The contracted commercial fire damage company removes all water pools and sanitizes the area. A firefighter tries to return the place in its regular form before the incidence took place. Smoke ducts cause contamination of substances, and if left without sanitizing, they are likely to result in health problems. Office owners should seek professional aid from reliable soot damage companies to eliminate any possible pollution of air and water. The service providers dispose of severely damaged items and smell that lingers after smoke damage.

• Fire Damage Restoration

The fire restoration procedure continues after cleaning the surface. The team will identify the extent of damage on properties and decide on whether to use the fire sprinkler system and fire hose. They also advise on the right way to repair and restore them. For example, if the furniture burned beyond repair, the restoring service firm will get new furniture for replacement, repair broken assets, and repaint the walls. Majority of the fire damage outlets help owners to get back to their operations as soon as possible by renovating the structure. The firefighter works with construction companies to provide satisfying services. The fire restoration team will take the affected individual through the right steps to protecting their material goods against electrical fire occurrence in future.

It is necessary to find help from fire restoration professionals who have fire truck and fire sprinkler system since electrical fire destruction can be highly destructive. The damage services are likely to differ from one company to another, but most of them follow the same procedure. If left unhindered, soot and smoke can lead to lingering discoloration, etching, odors and extensive corrosion.
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Key Things To Consider When Doing Storm Damage Repair

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Key Things To Consider When Doing Storm Damage Repair

There are several key things to consider when doing storm damage repair. Depending on the storm, damage such as frozen pipes and ice damage from ice storms and flooding caused by river flooding, ground water or flood water can occur. Frozen pipes are quite rare except in cold regions during the winter. Each type of storm damage needs be repaired differently, since each natural phenomenon requires different repair needs.

Things to consider when doing hurricane damage repair

The main type of hurricane damage results from flood water. Wind damage also leaves large amounts of debris in its wake. Because of rain, flooding and strong winds, areas hit by hurricanes require a great deal of damage repair. A storm restoration, home restoration and/or storm remediation specialist can assist is evaluating and arranging for repairs.

A list of things to consider before undergoing storm restoration from a hurricane are:

-Identify damaged areas to evaluate the level of home restoration required for storm remediation.
-Assess the damage and taking pictures for insurance companies
-Keep electrical appliances turned off
-Discard debris and dispose of damaged items before undergoing storm restoration
-Ensure storm remediation services are arranged by insurance companies
-Make sure that roof damage repairs are done roof repair experts

Things to consider when doing wind damage repair

The most damaging force of hurricane damage, aside from flood water that homes face is high and fast winds. Most homes are usually not able to withstand and sustain wind damage, let alone hail damage or heavy rain.

Contact a wind damage repair contractor who can provide services like:

-Wind damage repair
-Storm damage assessment
-Water damage repair, due to storm damage
-Emergency board up
-Tree debris removal

Evaluate the roof integrity for signs of roof damage and roof leaks, like cracks and tears before undergoing roof repair. Routine inspection of the gutters for decay and rust can help future roof repairs, before and after a roof sustains hurricane damage. A storm restoration specialist can assist in roof repair evaluation.

Other types of storm damage include hail damage, ice damage, ice damming, frozen pipes, frozen ground water or river flooding. Ice damage can be destructive to power lines and nearby trees. Ice damage, like frozen pipes and frozen ground water, can be a complicated process to repair, especially in regions with harsh winters. Most storms also cause roof damage, which can cause a roof leak. Hail damage and ice dams are the most common roof damage. However, hail damage is rare in most climates. Most storm remediation involves roof damage proofing. Home restoration also starts with roof repair and patching roof leaks.

Water restoration methods are dependent on the amount of water. Contact a professional water restoration specialist to properly restore water damaged property. To avoid water borne diseases caused by water damage and flood water from river flooding, it’s important that the home undergoes water restoration. River flooding also affects people who live along river basins and can require water restoration. Flooding can cause standing ground water, which may require a flood pump to remove. Although it may be possible to rent a flood pump to remove standing ground water it is best to call a professional first. Flood pumps, also known as sump pumps, are a regular tool of plumbing professionals in home restoration processes. Flood pumps can dispose of water from flooding to jump start the repair process.

In colder weather, ice damming from ice storms is caused as a result of an ice dam forming on the edge of a roof. This ice dam formation traps water on the roof causing a roof leak and possible destruction to gutters. Ice damming is dangerous because it can cause serious physical hazards as the ice melts. Be sure to safely remove large icicles and ice dams formed by ice damming to prevent injury.
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The Importance of Professional Water Damage Restoration

8/31/2017 (Permalink)

The Importance of Professional Water Damage Restoration

All landlords and homeowners dread water damage. It is even more challenging when the cause is hidden leaking pipe, and the damage has been taking place over a long period. As a home owner, you are supposed to contact water damage experts as soon as you discover a pipe break, supply line break or water damage in the home. Below are some tips and guidelines that will help you in successful restoration of flood damage and other forms of water damage and presence of water in home or water in business.

Emergency Contact

The first thing you should do immediately you discover a pipe break, leak or another source of water damage is instructing everyone to leave the house. In the case of emergencies such as a flooded home, do not attempt to salvage any items as this could lead to injuries and drowning. After you are assured that the occupants who can leave have left, contact a restoration company. Most restoration companies will have an emergency response service for mitigation and will, therefore, arrive to assess the cause of water in home within a few minutes or hours after you have contacted them.

Inspection and Water damage assessment in the flooded home

The restoration company will start their evaluation as soon as they get to the scene. They will try and establish the source of water in home if it is not flooding related. In case it is a supply line break, they will turn the water off at the meter or further away to prevent further damage. They will also look at the extent to which the presence of the water has affected the overall contents and structures in the house such as furniture and wooden cabinets. They will remove any movable structure to have an easy time with the extraction, drying and restoration.

Water removal or extraction

When they have removed the movable components, they will use pumps to remove the amount of water stagnated in the home. When the company has good pumps, the water cleanup process will not be a challenge. The removal will be started within hours of their arrival to minimize further flood damage.

Drying and moisture removal

After the water cleanup, the restoration company will take further restoration and mitigation measures to prevent the growth of mold and further flood damage by drying the home. A reliable company uses the least intrusive and scientific methods to draw any remaining moisture.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

When you have experienced a flooded home, your entire furniture and upholstery will be very filthy. The mitigation companies also offer cleanup and drying services for the furniture. In cases where a pipe break led to extensive water leakage, wooden structures might have started to grow mold and rot. The companies usually have special anti-microbial treatments to remove any odors that could have been left behind on the furniture.


This is the last step in the process. The amount of repair done depends on the extent of flood damage or other damage that was caused by a pipe break or supply line break. In case dry walls have been destroyed in the process, the experts will replace them with fresh ones. In case the damage was significant, they might have to reconstruct entire rooms and other structures ruined by the presence of water in home.

These are the steps typically followed by water in business removal and restoration experts. The important thing to understand is that the restoration company has to be contacted as soon as you realize you have a flooded home or water in business. Remember that when the water is allowed to remain stagnated for a long time, it leads to further growth of mold and increases the amount of rotting. Cases of supply line break also mean that the water bill is piling up every hour that the problem remains unsolved. Look for contacts of reliable experts in water cleanup, drying mitigation of flood damage and repair after the damage of water in business. As long as you have a competent flood damage restoration company working for you, you can be assured that water cleanup will be done on time and that the house will be clean and ready to occupy within a short period.
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The Process of Residential and Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

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The Process of Residential and Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

The fire damage restoration process is a way of reversing the damages caused by the fire in your home or business enterprise. The fire restoration process enables one to get back to the usual living or business operation as soon as possible after a fire in business incident or commercial fire damage. One can use the fire damage restoration companies, and the companies provide some services which aid in the restoration of the fire damage. The main subject of this article is to outline the standard fire damage restoration process so that you can attain some knowledge on what to expect to help you become better prepared in case a fire in business or a fire in home occurs. The article will prove five professional steps.
? Emergency contact.
Most fire damage restoration companies will offer emergency services. They can handle the situation as quickly as possible when they are contacted and provide immediate rescue in case a of fire in home or fire in business premises. This is an essential aspect that you should always consider when looking for a good fire restoration company. One of the reasons why you need the emergency services is that the fire damage restoration needs to be attended as soon as possible to minimize the spread of the damage to the rest of your properties or business enterprises.
? Assessment
Assessment of the extent the fire has damaged your home or business is also very important in the fire restoration process. Assessment usually involves looking at the extent the fire damage, smoke damage and soot damage have has reached as well as viewing the degree at which your furniture and walls have been affected. This step helps you to come up with a plan of action and gives you an accurate estimation on how much the fire damage will cost you and the time it will take you. It is important that the restoration company people assess the extent of smoke smell and files damaged in the case of fire in business or commercial fire damage.
? Tarp and sealing services
When you start the fire damage restoration process, your chief objective should be to prevent damage from worsening. This is advisable since the fire can damage can also create room for other damages to occur such as water damages. For example, if during the event of fire some water pipes were affected this would lead to leakage of water or even cause flooding in your home or the business premises. Therefore you should try as much as possible to ensure that if any of the damage interfered with other causes of damage, the interfered causes should be attended quickly to prevent more damage. The restoration company will provide board up services to help secure valuables and counter further soot damage or smoke damage. The board up services that restoration companies offer can extend to complete building enclosure to enable the fire cleanup professionals work without interruptions.
? Fire Cleanup.
The fire cleanup step is whereby you clean the away the smoke damage, dust, and soot damage from your surface. In most cases, after fire damage has occurred you apprehend that your home or business premises look dark, charred and stained as a result of the soot damage and smoke damage. The fire cleanup process is intended to cleanup all the damage and ensures that your home or business look as normal as possible. It also ensures that during the fire restoration process, the smoke smell that can remain after the smoke has been in the rooms has been removed. Finally in this step of fire restoration process, the removal and disposal of the items that have been badly damaged by the fire in your home or business takes place. In the case of commercial fire damage,the restoration company people should not interfere with the damaged items until the insurance company takes a full inventory of the damaged items. In this scenario, board up services are important as the items need to be protected from further damage.
? Repair and renovation.
This is restoring the damaged items and repairing the damage caused by the fire. For example, during this fire restoration process, you may consider repairing the walls such as repainting them, deodorizing the rooms to remove smoke smell or even replacing destroyed furniture or equipment. In the case of commercial fire damage, the offices and other affected areas have to be repaired to get back the normal atmosphere of a business environment.Deodorization is critical to get rid of the smoke smell that lingers after a fire, and the board up services will ensure safe and swift flow of work. The main objective of the repair and renovation in the fire damage process is to make your home or business look as new or presentable so that your home or business can get back to normal.
However, the process of putting out the fire is the work of emergency services and the fire department. You should ensure that you get some consultation from the departments involved. The consultations might include some debriefing on how to prevent future occurrence of fire.
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Identifying a Mold Infestation

8/31/2017 (Permalink)

Identifying a Mold Infestation

In any business or home, molds can cause significant frustration and grief to you as a property owner. Mold growth behind wall discolors the walls, leaving black spots on your walls, and causes dampness on wood surfaces. Microscopic spores released by mold leave a smelly odor and causes property damage. Given these reasons, it is essential that you embrace a mitigation and remediation strategy to counter the effects of mold growth on your property. But, how can you mitigate against the increase of mold in home or business premises? Read on to find out the process of professional mold remediation.

Property damage happens due to a variety of reasons inclusive of structural damage. Causes of structural mold damage include extreme weather, ruptured water lines, primary firefighting activities, and busted plumbing. Mold damage is worsened additionally by how running water is allowed to sit. Allowing water to sit for extended periods makes the remediation of mold in home even more challenging and arduous.

Step # 1: Identifying a Mold Infestation

Beware! Physically removing any mold in home is not a mold remediation technique. Successful mitigation of mold growth requires the removal of all, traces of mildew, black mold, and fungus to avert property damage. Failure to eradicate these infestations can cause significant damage to your home or commercial property. It is recommended that you employ the services of a professional commercial mold damage restoration company to eliminate mold in home. A professional commercial mold damage restoration company conducts an initial assessment ensuring that a proper mitigation strategy is implemented effectively.

The evaluation process entails a comprehensive evaluation of mold damage present in any of your rooms. Particular attention is paid to areas with smelly odor and areas of dampness. A majority of property owners do not realize that there can be mold growth behind wall, under floor mats or carpets, ventilation ducts necessitating deodorization after the initial removal of mold.

Step # 2: Mold Damage Calculation and Assessment

An effective mold remediation strategy should comprehensively address all instances of commercial mold damage. As a result, the process requires an adequate evaluation I conducted before proceeding with mold mitigation. Your commercial mold damage mold restoration company professionals understand that mold is caused by the presence of moisture and leaking water. For this reason, a commercial mold damage restoration company relies on extensive experience to identify sources of mold inducing moisture.

As such, mold may not be concentrated in one location, necessitating a thorough investigation to determine the extent of the contaminated area. For that reason, the amount of the affected area affects the mitigation process inclusive of dry rot and mold removal, deodorization, and black mold. Accordingly, mold removal experts utilize different approaches to eliminate mold, fungus, dry rot, and mildew dependent on the level of mold growth in your home or business premises.

Step # 3: Location Preparation

A majority of commercial mold removal companies employ some fungicides for the deodorization of areas of mold growth, black mold, fungus, mildew infestations, and mold growth behind wall. Additionally, they may remove dry rot, black mold, apply and clean up mold growth behind wall as well as use deodorization. Mold damage experts use plastic sheets and tape to seal an infected area to prevent the spread of mold. Mold damage experts are typically equipped with the necessary mold removing tools for the remediation process. An additional practice used to avoid the spread of mold entails the application of negative pressure to locations with commercial mold damage. Before mold removal, these professionals also utilize professional gear for their safety and protect against smelly odor.

Step # 4: Mold Removal and Cleanup

To reduce smelly odor as well as prevent mold spores spreading, the cleanup crew sprays the isolated areas lightly with water. A filtered vacuum cleaner is used to suck up mold debris from the location. The moldy material is sealed up in trash bags for later disposal. In addition to that, no porous surfaces are cleaned using a fungicide soaked rag to eliminate fungus, black mold, mildew, dry rot, and mold. As mold disperses high amounts of spores during the mold removal process, only removal professionals can perform mold disposal.
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What Commercial Water Removal Involves for Sopping-Wet Canton Gift Shops

7/18/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial What Commercial Water Removal Involves for Sopping-Wet Canton Gift Shops Water removal is the primary step in bringing a saturated location back to its original dry condition.

Learn How SERVPRO Cleans and Restores Businesses 

Water line breaks, damaged roofing shingles, ill-timed sprinklers, or water used during fire fighting measures can all lead to a water-logged mess. Water affects different things according to the porosity of the material from which it was made.

Gift shop owners in Canton can rely on commercial water removal services to regain control over their store's environment once again after a disaster involving copious amounts of water has occurred. Our technicians have been trained and then given experience in mitigating water problems, in both large and small environments. At SERVPRO, our training results in certification from the IICRC, ensuring that our technicians can provide the services required regardless of the disaster type, size, or level of complexity.

Having a mess in only one secluded section of your shop, if large, never is a guarantee that inventory held or displayed elsewhere is protected from damage. Water takes three forms, and humidity travels quite easily inside an enclosed area like your shop. In smaller shops, this type of damage can happen much more quickly than in a larger one.

When the water came from a contaminated source, our services also include effective decontamination methods that render your shop clean and free of any pathogens or other substances that can cause harm or illness. You, your employees, and your customers deserve a non-germy environment in which to conduct business, and we can help create this for you, even if the situation seems hopeless.

Water removal is the primary step in bringing a saturated location back to its original dry condition. SERVPRO uses pump trucks for standing water, hand-held units that extract water from water-logged porous materials such as carpets and furniture, specialized pads to increase the evaporation rate of water held inside floors, and a combination of dehumidifiers, air movers, and heaters for removing the last traces of humidity from the air.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of Cherokee County wants to help whenever your shop needs us. No disaster is off-limits for us, so don't hesitate to call. Our number, (770) 924-3848, is answered 24/7, including holidays.

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How Flood Damage Affects The Furniture In Your Canton Home and How SERVPRO Can Help

7/1/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage How Flood Damage Affects The Furniture In Your Canton Home and How SERVPRO Can Help Call SERVPRO for Water Removal from Your Canton Property After a Flood

Salvaging Your Furnishings from Storm Water 

Flood damage is a serious issue for any homeowner. A sudden quantity of water can do untold damage to your house and belongings. That is why we recommend you call us as soon as possible after a flood – swift action helps mitigate damage and gives the best chance of restoring your house “Like it never even happened.”
One particular concern after flood damage to your Canton home is your furniture. Tables, chairs, beds and more are such an integral part of every day but losing them to flood damage is a reminder of how important they are. Some items also have a sentimental value especially those handed down from relatives, bought as antiques, or purchased for special occasions.
SERVPRO understands that you would much rather save your furniture. After all, furnishings are personal items and new ones do not feel quite the same. That is why we train our IICRC-certified technicians in all aspects of flood damage remediation, including restoring wet furniture.
Here are the four main issues to be aware of regarding flood-damaged furniture and how SERVPRO helps with them:
1. Water causes wood to swell, and as much furniture has a wooden frame this is a real problem. Water-swollen wood might warp or even crack. Our technicians extract and wipe water from the furniture and surrounding area as quickly as possible and ensure drying is carried out evenly and at the correct speed.
2. Water stains give furniture an uneven, splotchy look and are a particular concern for items that are dry clean only. We come equipped with foggers to wet the furniture evenly and encourage more even drying. Our teams also spot-treat stubborn stains.
3. Upholstery dyes might run and cause stains, and there is also a risk of colors bleeding onto the floor. The best remedy against color bleeding is swift and efficient drying. Our teams know how best to “tent” furniture cushions and the best configuration of air movers and dehumidifiers for a fast result.
4. Furniture that is left damp is subject to the risk of mildew growth. We discourage mildew growth by extracting water quickly using a specialist upholstery extraction tool and by drying furniture thoroughly inside and out, so no wet spots are remaining.
You can rely on us to give you an honest evaluation on whether your furnishings can be restored and whether the cost of restoration is practical or prohibitive.
For help with water damaged furniture, give SERVPRO of Cherokee County a call at (770) 924-3848 today.

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Handling Water Damage in Your Canton Home from Your Washing Machine

6/13/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Handling Water Damage in Your Canton Home from Your Washing Machine SERVPRO Tip--Protect Your Canton Home from Washing Machine Leaks

Call SERVPRO To Prevent Water Leaks from Expanding Its Negative Effects

Having a washing machine in your home is a very handy appliance. It makes doing laundry so much easier. However, when they break, it can be quite a headache, especially if they are on an upper level of your home. Washing machines use a large amount of water mid-cycle, and you want the water to stay in the tub, rather than flooding your home.

When your washing machine causes water damage to your Canton home, you must act fast to prevent even more flood damage. Learn the steps to take before an emergency happens, so you are better prepared. Also, have the name of a trusted water cleanup company handy, such as SERVPRO, which can restore order to your home.
When your washing machine is overflowing, don’t pull the plug right away. Remember, it uses electricity and leaking, or standing water poses a risk of electrical shock. The first thing to do is to turn the electricity off at the circuit breaker. Also, do not press the stop or cancel button on your machine. Doing this could make it drain automatically and spill more water out into your home.
While you are waiting for our technicians from SERVPRO to get to your home, you can use towels, a mop, or both to soak up what water you can. However, when we arrive, we make sure to get any standing water out of your home before we begin the process of drying. It is a crucial step of the restoration process since water damage moves quickly through floors and walls.
Ventilating the laundry room by opening windows or doors is a good step as well, and we bring in industrial fans and dehumidifiers to assist in circulating the air and speeding up the drying process to prevent further damage, such as mold growth. We check these machines each day and readjust their position as needed for optimal drying.
When the affected area is completely dry, we sanitize the floors and walls to prevent mildew and mold from taking hold. We also find the source of the original problem so it can be properly repaired.
When your washing machine floods, SERVPRO of Cherokee County is standing by to help you. Contact us right away by dialing (770) 924-3848 so we can have your home back to its original condition.

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Dealing With Mold Damage In Your Canton Area Home With Respect And Caring

6/1/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Dealing With Mold Damage In Your Canton Area Home With Respect And Caring Mold Patches Get Remediated in Canton Homes by SERVPRO

Remediation and Prevention of Mold Infestations Are Goals to Ensure a Safe Home Environment

Mold can affect you and your family in a variety of ways. However, it is important for you to become more informed, quelling concerns about a variety of mold conditions that may exist. There are many online articles available that warn you about “Black Mold,” when in fact, they should be warning you about how having any type or amount of mold in your home can be hazardous.

Think about it; no one wants fungus growing on the inside of their home. However, finding mold damage in Canton can present you with an opportunity to make improvements, protect your family better, and help prevent future contamination through education. There are a variety of services available to limit your families exposure to mold, just keep in mind that no one, anywhere, can effectively remove or eliminate mold entirely.  
You can, however, control different aspects of your home that makes mold growth possible. By performing proper maintenance, making the appropriate upgrades, or reacting quickly to situations that may arise, you can easily prevent damages from getting out of control. Working with a professional remediation company, like SERVPRO, gives you access to qualified technicians that have years under their belts dealing with situations just like yours. There is no reason for you to attempt repairs on your own, so why would you?
The Center For Disease Control (CDC) clearly states on their website that any type or amount of mold found on your property can eventually cause health issues. It depends on the length of time exposed, the amount of mold that exists, and the steps that are taken to eliminate the problem correctly. You want to locate someone you can trust to provide you with the quality services you deserve. SERVPRO is that someone; we care about our environment, the community we live in, and want to give you the knowledge you need to prevent mold infestations at best, and to remediate these infestations if present.
Give SERVPRO of Cherokee County an opportunity to respond to your emergency situation. Our technicians treat you and your property with the utmost respect, caring for your belongings like they were our own. Call us at the first signs of mold damage on your property; we can help. (770) 924-3848