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What Commercial Water Removal Involves for Sopping-Wet Canton Gift Shops

7/18/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial What Commercial Water Removal Involves for Sopping-Wet Canton Gift Shops Water removal is the primary step in bringing a saturated location back to its original dry condition.

Learn How SERVPRO Cleans and Restores Businesses 

Water line breaks, damaged roofing shingles, ill-timed sprinklers, or water used during fire fighting measures can all lead to a water-logged mess. Water affects different things according to the porosity of the material from which it was made.

Gift shop owners in Canton can rely on commercial water removal services to regain control over their store's environment once again after a disaster involving copious amounts of water has occurred. Our technicians have been trained and then given experience in mitigating water problems, in both large and small environments. At SERVPRO, our training results in certification from the IICRC, ensuring that our technicians can provide the services required regardless of the disaster type, size, or level of complexity.

Having a mess in only one secluded section of your shop, if large, never is a guarantee that inventory held or displayed elsewhere is protected from damage. Water takes three forms, and humidity travels quite easily inside an enclosed area like your shop. In smaller shops, this type of damage can happen much more quickly than in a larger one.

When the water came from a contaminated source, our services also include effective decontamination methods that render your shop clean and free of any pathogens or other substances that can cause harm or illness. You, your employees, and your customers deserve a non-germy environment in which to conduct business, and we can help create this for you, even if the situation seems hopeless.

Water removal is the primary step in bringing a saturated location back to its original dry condition. SERVPRO uses pump trucks for standing water, hand-held units that extract water from water-logged porous materials such as carpets and furniture, specialized pads to increase the evaporation rate of water held inside floors, and a combination of dehumidifiers, air movers, and heaters for removing the last traces of humidity from the air.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of Cherokee County wants to help whenever your shop needs us. No disaster is off-limits for us, so don't hesitate to call. Our number, (770) 924-3848, is answered 24/7, including holidays.

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How Flood Damage Affects The Furniture In Your Canton Home and How SERVPRO Can Help

7/1/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage How Flood Damage Affects The Furniture In Your Canton Home and How SERVPRO Can Help Call SERVPRO for Water Removal from Your Canton Property After a Flood

Salvaging Your Furnishings from Storm Water 

Flood damage is a serious issue for any homeowner. A sudden quantity of water can do untold damage to your house and belongings. That is why we recommend you call us as soon as possible after a flood – swift action helps mitigate damage and gives the best chance of restoring your house “Like it never even happened.”
One particular concern after flood damage to your Canton home is your furniture. Tables, chairs, beds and more are such an integral part of every day but losing them to flood damage is a reminder of how important they are. Some items also have a sentimental value especially those handed down from relatives, bought as antiques, or purchased for special occasions.
SERVPRO understands that you would much rather save your furniture. After all, furnishings are personal items and new ones do not feel quite the same. That is why we train our IICRC-certified technicians in all aspects of flood damage remediation, including restoring wet furniture.
Here are the four main issues to be aware of regarding flood-damaged furniture and how SERVPRO helps with them:
1. Water causes wood to swell, and as much furniture has a wooden frame this is a real problem. Water-swollen wood might warp or even crack. Our technicians extract and wipe water from the furniture and surrounding area as quickly as possible and ensure drying is carried out evenly and at the correct speed.
2. Water stains give furniture an uneven, splotchy look and are a particular concern for items that are dry clean only. We come equipped with foggers to wet the furniture evenly and encourage more even drying. Our teams also spot-treat stubborn stains.
3. Upholstery dyes might run and cause stains, and there is also a risk of colors bleeding onto the floor. The best remedy against color bleeding is swift and efficient drying. Our teams know how best to “tent” furniture cushions and the best configuration of air movers and dehumidifiers for a fast result.
4. Furniture that is left damp is subject to the risk of mildew growth. We discourage mildew growth by extracting water quickly using a specialist upholstery extraction tool and by drying furniture thoroughly inside and out, so no wet spots are remaining.
You can rely on us to give you an honest evaluation on whether your furnishings can be restored and whether the cost of restoration is practical or prohibitive.
For help with water damaged furniture, give SERVPRO of Cherokee County a call at (770) 924-3848 today.

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Handling Water Damage in Your Canton Home from Your Washing Machine

6/13/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Handling Water Damage in Your Canton Home from Your Washing Machine SERVPRO Tip--Protect Your Canton Home from Washing Machine Leaks

Call SERVPRO To Prevent Water Leaks from Expanding Its Negative Effects

Having a washing machine in your home is a very handy appliance. It makes doing laundry so much easier. However, when they break, it can be quite a headache, especially if they are on an upper level of your home. Washing machines use a large amount of water mid-cycle, and you want the water to stay in the tub, rather than flooding your home.

When your washing machine causes water damage to your Canton home, you must act fast to prevent even more flood damage. Learn the steps to take before an emergency happens, so you are better prepared. Also, have the name of a trusted water cleanup company handy, such as SERVPRO, which can restore order to your home.
When your washing machine is overflowing, don’t pull the plug right away. Remember, it uses electricity and leaking, or standing water poses a risk of electrical shock. The first thing to do is to turn the electricity off at the circuit breaker. Also, do not press the stop or cancel button on your machine. Doing this could make it drain automatically and spill more water out into your home.
While you are waiting for our technicians from SERVPRO to get to your home, you can use towels, a mop, or both to soak up what water you can. However, when we arrive, we make sure to get any standing water out of your home before we begin the process of drying. It is a crucial step of the restoration process since water damage moves quickly through floors and walls.
Ventilating the laundry room by opening windows or doors is a good step as well, and we bring in industrial fans and dehumidifiers to assist in circulating the air and speeding up the drying process to prevent further damage, such as mold growth. We check these machines each day and readjust their position as needed for optimal drying.
When the affected area is completely dry, we sanitize the floors and walls to prevent mildew and mold from taking hold. We also find the source of the original problem so it can be properly repaired.
When your washing machine floods, SERVPRO of Cherokee County is standing by to help you. Contact us right away by dialing (770) 924-3848 so we can have your home back to its original condition.

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Dealing With Mold Damage In Your Canton Area Home With Respect And Caring

6/1/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Dealing With Mold Damage In Your Canton Area Home With Respect And Caring Mold Patches Get Remediated in Canton Homes by SERVPRO

Remediation and Prevention of Mold Infestations Are Goals to Ensure a Safe Home Environment

Mold can affect you and your family in a variety of ways. However, it is important for you to become more informed, quelling concerns about a variety of mold conditions that may exist. There are many online articles available that warn you about “Black Mold,” when in fact, they should be warning you about how having any type or amount of mold in your home can be hazardous.

Think about it; no one wants fungus growing on the inside of their home. However, finding mold damage in Canton can present you with an opportunity to make improvements, protect your family better, and help prevent future contamination through education. There are a variety of services available to limit your families exposure to mold, just keep in mind that no one, anywhere, can effectively remove or eliminate mold entirely.  
You can, however, control different aspects of your home that makes mold growth possible. By performing proper maintenance, making the appropriate upgrades, or reacting quickly to situations that may arise, you can easily prevent damages from getting out of control. Working with a professional remediation company, like SERVPRO, gives you access to qualified technicians that have years under their belts dealing with situations just like yours. There is no reason for you to attempt repairs on your own, so why would you?
The Center For Disease Control (CDC) clearly states on their website that any type or amount of mold found on your property can eventually cause health issues. It depends on the length of time exposed, the amount of mold that exists, and the steps that are taken to eliminate the problem correctly. You want to locate someone you can trust to provide you with the quality services you deserve. SERVPRO is that someone; we care about our environment, the community we live in, and want to give you the knowledge you need to prevent mold infestations at best, and to remediate these infestations if present.
Give SERVPRO of Cherokee County an opportunity to respond to your emergency situation. Our technicians treat you and your property with the utmost respect, caring for your belongings like they were our own. Call us at the first signs of mold damage on your property; we can help. (770) 924-3848

Why Fire Damage in a Canton Department Store Might Start with the Electrics

5/19/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Why Fire Damage in a Canton Department Store Might Start with the Electrics While it is beneficial to have store lighting constantly on for security reasons, it is a potential fire hazard. Call SERVPRO after a fire.

SERVPRO Has Professionally Dealt With the Aftermath of an Electrical Fire at Many Stores

In larger department stores, it is common for relatively powerful lights to remain on throughout the night. The problem with this is that fluorescent lighting produces lots of heat. If electrical components are not regularly checked for faults, placing this kind of stress on the system can lead to disaster.

We are talking about blown fuses and accidental fires. Luckily, SERVPRO knows just how to deal with commercial fire damage in Canton stores. We want to stress that you should always carry out routine maintenance on electrical systems to avoid fires. However, if the worst does occur, you can call our team for help with repairs.

The Immediate Response

Most department stores have sprinkler systems, so it is rare for fire damage to be extensive. Normally, if a spark has developed, it is behind a wall or in the ceiling, because this is where the electrical wires get housed. So, it is common to see localized patches of damage and individual sections of blackened or soot-stained walls.

The Drying Process

If the sprinklers were active at any point, SERVPRO needs to deal with the excess water first. It must be done very quickly because adding water to sooty deposits can increase their acidity. It might make it tougher for the technicians to remove dirt and grime from carpets and other soft fabrics. We advise the disposal of any items of stock which came into contact with water and soot (particularly clothing).

The Targeted Approach

Assuming that the damage is localized and only a part of the wall requires repairs, SERVPRO carefully cuts away the stained or burned plasterboard. It is necessary for gaining access to the wall cavity, and the material gets replaced later.

Axial fans are an excellent way to direct clean, fresh air into the cavity and flush out smoky and ashy residues. In some cases, a HEPA vacuum may be an effective method of cleaning soot out of smaller spaces, but this depends on the level of access.

Smaller, compact ozone generators or dry foggers are the best options when it comes to chasing bad odors out of the wall cavity. Dry foggers disperse an odor neutralizing chemical, but they do it without adding extra moisture to the environment. It is important when working with electrical components.

The Aesthetic Repairs

Once the wall cavity is clean and deodorized, the technicians can bring in a contractor to add fresh plasterboard. It is painted to match the existing department décor and, possibly, treated with a sealant to prevent lingering soot residues from eating through the top surface.

To find out more about the repair services provided by SERVPRO of Cherokee County, get in touch with our team. We serve businesses in the Canton area and can promise a speedy response. Call us 24/7 at (770) 924-3848 for advice and assistance.

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Proudly Offering Restoration and Reconstruction Services To Woodstock Residents

5/2/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Proudly Offering Restoration and Reconstruction Services To Woodstock Residents Woodstock Renovations and Reconstruction After Storm Damage Are SERVPRO Services

Why Call on SERVPRO for Help? One-Stop Restoration and Rebuilding of Your Property

Homeowners used to be responsible for a variety of home repair issues, making it necessary for you to spend your time off performing maintenance or repairing areas of your home. However, times have changed. It is no longer required for someone to hold down a full-time job and learn to patch a roof, install a drainage system, or prepare your home for winter.

For homeowners in the Woodstock area, professional reconstruction and restoration technicians are a simple phone call away. We decided long ago to devote our time to learning the correct way to provide our community with safe emergency environmental services people can count on to help improve their lives. From a natural disaster resulting in flood damage to your house or business to fire cleanup of debris and rebuilding your home, count on us.
Each SERVPRO staff member proudly serves the area in which they live, making every effort to address your concerns, inform our communities, and make disasters manageable. Our technicians obtain IICRC certification, follow EPA and OSHA guidelines for performing repairs, and treat each customer with the respect they deserve.
If you need help recovering after a fire, flood or mold issue invades you home, SERVPRO is there. Regardless of the kind of home repair you face, give us a call, it does not hurt to get an expert opinion before you decide which direction to take.
SERVPRO also serves as a one-stop source for all of your repair, rebuild, remodel, and general contracting needs. Our technicians hold the proper contracting licensing and work closely with homeowners to deliver quality results that often exceed your expectations.  
Remodeling your kitchen, bathroom, or helping provide you with additional space when you need it. We perform everything from yard grading, drainage, and sump pump installations to roofing, flooring, and structural repairs. Our technicians can help you prevent massive loss during an emergency and get you on the road to recovery faster, should an incident occur in your home. Give us the opportunity to make problems in your home disappear, “Like it never even happened.”
SERVPRO of Cherokee County has expertly trained technicians available with years of experience dealing with damages that occur in your home. We have the proper resources and equipment available to meet your needs, call today. (770) 924-3848

Prevent Water Damage Issues In Your Canton Area Home

4/18/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Prevent Water Damage Issues In Your Canton Area Home SERVPRO Says Sprinklers Can Cause Water Damage to Your Canton Property

SERVPRO Tip: Proactive Inspections Can Reduce Chances of Water Damage

Many homeowners think of hurricanes, flooding, or torrential rains when you mention water damage becoming a problem in their homes. However, everyday household appliances, plumbing, and roof repairs cause far more harm, more often, than any natural disaster.  
You can avoid becoming a statistic by taking a few measures to protect your Canton home from water damage incidents that normally occur in your area. Everything from failed water heaters, broken feed lines on your refrigerator or washing machine, to leaky pipes or plumbing fixtures can lead to problems you simply are not ready to handle.
While we want to avoid causing a panic, we would like to stress the importance of watching your water usage and performing regular maintenance on the appliances and fixtures found in your home. Doing so can easily help prevent problems that arise that cause these types of issues in your home.  
SERVPRO technicians respond to hundreds, if not thousands, of calls every year where the homeowner could have avoided problems altogether, had they performed regular checks or had a preparedness inspection carried out on their property. A little knowledge goes a long way towards helping prevent hazards from existing in your home.
SERVPRO can help you learn the location of and how to operate the main water supply valve on your property. If you plan on going away for a while, shut off your water supply and drain the system beforehand. It is little tricks like this that can help limit damages you experience during an event and prevent extensive damage to your home.
Get your heating and air conditioning systems serviced before using them again between seasons to help prevent problems with runoff or leakage that often leads to mold issues. The ventilation system you use every day has a huge impact on your indoor air quality and the health and safety of your family. Take care of it to take care of yourselves.
Have SERVPRO technicians check your yard for grading, drainage issues, foundation cracks, roof leaks, and other problems that develop over time. Paying a small fee to find out that you have nothing to worry about makes it easier to prevent massive damages when things do get out of hand.
Give SERVPRO of Cherokee County the opportunity to provide you with the services you deserve. We are available 24-7, 365, including holidays, call today. (770) 924-3848

The Reconstruction Process in Woodstock

4/6/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage The Reconstruction Process in Woodstock Storms can create many problems for a homeowner. Call SERVPRO to see how we can help deal with any storm damage issues that you may have.

SERVPRO Technicians Provide Many Types of Repair Services to Homeowners

Storms and fires have been all too common in Georgia this last year. Thanks to the recent breaks in the weather, there are many homes out there that can begin to examine minor and major damage to determine what they need to repair, rebuild, or replace.  

Home reconstruction in Woodstock after storm damage can run from simple tasks like replacing windows or nailing up a few roof tiles to replacing siding and complete reconstruction of interior walls. SERVPRO has decades of experience in Georgia to handle these tasks and much more. Each of our offices maintains a 24-hour response team to meet every requirement short of laying a foundation or building a new home. Here are just a few of the services we offer:

Carpentry – Our technicians can construct new wall framing to match the original floor plan or even make changes at your direction as along as the structural integrity remains intact. They also install kitchen cabinets, bookcases, and shelving wherever needed.

Flooring – We can lay in a new wood floor in less than a week, depending on the size of the room. Carpet installation requires only a day, even in larger living and dining rooms. Technicians can lay in a new kitchen laminate or vinyl flooring just as quickly, but another day or two is required to make certain it dries properly with no bubbling.

Patios - Team members have extensive experience with installing stone and ceramic tiles. They can lay in a brand new one, reuse material undamaged from the disaster, or combine both to create something unique.

Roofing – Technicians can replace support beams, roof panels and re-tile the entire roof if needed. We also replace the rain gutters and drainpipes, carefully attaching them to the new roof line and securing them to the side of your home.

Walls – Our employees are fully trained to replace siding as well as perform repairs to brick walls and even patch damaged masonry.

Insurance – We also work with your insurance company as much or as little as you want. Many agencies prefer dealing directly with the service performing the restoration and remediation work. Our experience helps you to get every dollar possible as well as keep your local agent happy.

Returning your house to its original state is not going to happen overnight or even in a week or two. It is our job to rebuild your home correctly so you can begin rebuilding your life. Call us today at (770) 924-3848 to get started. SERVPRO of Cherokee County is here to help.

Various Kinds of Soot After Fire Damage in Canton

3/21/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Various Kinds of Soot After Fire Damage in Canton Don't let fire damage keep you out of your home. Call SERVPRO to remediate.

SERVPRO Has the Certification and Experience to Deal With Any Kind of Soot After a Fire

After your home has experienced a fire, there are some things that are useful to understand to help you during the cleanup process. For example, not all soot residues are the same. Some kinds of soot are easier to clean than others, and you need professionals to come in for other kinds of soot and help you clean it up. SERVPRO technicians understand the various types and how to clean them. Most often, there are four different kinds of soot, including protein smoke residues, dry smoke residues, wet smoke residues, and fuel oil smoke residues.
Suffering through a fire in your Canton home is scary, and the fire damage left behind can be very devastating. At SERVPRO, we understand this and keep it in mind as we help you clean up. We know how to clean up all four kinds of soot, and we will do so carefully and thoroughly.
Protein Residues
Kitchen fires many times involve burning poultry, meat, or fish. These all leave protein residues behind, which can be yellow or amber in color, or practically invisible, causing just a slight discoloration of cabinet surfaces and painted walls. Protein smoke odors are quite pungent, so the removal of odor is usually the biggest problem we face in these kinds of fires. Odors in protein fires cannot be controlled without thoroughly cleaning all surfaces which are contaminated with the greasy protein residue. Sometimes, your whole home could need cleaning, even though the concentration of residues is not obvious to the naked eye.
Dry and Wet Residues
Each fire progresses through stages, which generate both wet and dry smoke. Some fires make a large enough proportion of one kind of smoke to characterize the full exposure as predominately wet or dry smoke. Different cleaning methods are used to get rid of various kinds of restudies. Usually, wet smoke is harder to remove.
In many fires, the more oxygen, which is available while the fire is burning, the faster the process of combustion is. Oxygen-rich, fast-burning fires usually make a dry smoke. Oxygen starved, slow-burning, smoldering fires produce a wet smoke.
The kind of materials burned also affects the aerosols and smoke particles caused by a fire. Natural materials make powdery, dry, small, non-smeary residues, or dry smoke.

Fuel Oil Soot
Furnace puff-backs happen when a malfunctioning oil burner ignites suddenly, jarring old, loose soot. Improper venting or a crack in the heat exchanger could cause this. Soot from a puff-back contains dust particles from the ductwork and fuel oil which didn’t burn properly. It could be gray to black in color, greasy, and have small or large particles. The fresh soot can be removed usually without damaging painted surfaces. The soot particles, however, are hard and crusty, so we are careful not to scratch any surfaces. If the furnace was emitting smoke over an extended period before the ignition, the soot could bond to wall paints, making us unable to remove the soot without taking some of the paint off.
SERVPRO of Cherokee County is your go-to source for fire damage and soot cleanup, as we are knowledgeable in all types and how to clean it properly. Call us right away at (770) 924-3848 if you have had a fire in your home, and we will be there quickly to prevent further damage from smoke and soot.

Water Removal in Your Canton Home

3/15/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Removal in Your Canton Home SERVPRO has the appropriate equipment for any level of water. Call us today to get started.

SERVPRO Technicians Follow Professional Guidelines for Quick Water Removal

There are many situations in which water removal is necessary. Whether it is due to an overloaded washing machine, a faulty household appliance, broken pipe, sewage backup, or just rainwater, an unexpected intrusion of water in your home is devastating. When it comes time to fix water damage, it can also be costly.
House floods happen when excess water starts to pool in areas where it does not belong, and even though you can take precautionary measures to prevent water removal being necessary, there is no failsafe way to be sure it does not happen to your Canton home. When a water emergency strikes, SERVPRO certified technicians are the ones you should call, no matter the reason. They are available 24 hours a day to handle any water damage, get rid of the water and perform emergency restoration service when a leak or house flood happens to you.
When we arrive at your home, we will first carefully pre-inspect all aspects of the areas which are damaged. Our job is to mitigate the loss. We will check for any dangerous situations like falling ceilings, electrical hazards, and deteriorated subfloors.
All the standing water then gets pumped out with the proper equipment. Floors and walls under the damaged area and crawl spaces are checked as well. A moisture meter is then used to determine the extent of water penetrating in floors, carpets, ceilings and walls. Furniture is moved as necessary, and water is extracted from carpets and hard surface flooring. Carpets are detached, and water is extracted from the pad and floor. In most cases, the padding needs to be discarded.
The floors and back of carpeting are treated with an appropriate deodorizer and antimicrobial. The carpet is laid back down on the floor and water is extracted from the surface fibers again.
Air movers are put into the position to deliver rapid airflow to wet surfaces. We base the number of air movers that you need in the space on IICRC recommendations. Dehumidifiers are put into position as well to deliver dry, warm air in the area which is affected. The number and size of dehumidifiers also are based on IICRC recommendations. The drying equipment is monitored daily and moved as needed to ensure the fastest and most accurate drying time.
Water removal takes experience and knowledge, besides the right equipment, and should be left up to the experts at SERVPRO of Cherokee County. Give us a call at (770) 924-3848 whenever your home requires cleanup from water damage of any kind.