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Why SERVPRO Is a Great Franchise To Join

2/19/2021 (Permalink)

big machinery for large commercial loss Fast response for your commercial property.

Current economic conditions have pushed many into making career changes. Additionally, people occasionally shift their occupations for personal reasons rather than financial ones. Whatever the cause for leaving your job behind, one attractive employment alternative is opening a SERVPRO franchise. Now could be the perfect time to consider joining North America’s premier disaster recovery experts.

Services Provided by SERVPRO

SERVPRO handles many types of disaster scenarios, including those relating to:

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Storms
  • Mold

As the preferred vendor for a great number of insurance companies, SERVPRO repairs both commercial and residential sites in more than 1,700 territories. Join their team and make Lebanon, GA, the latest area they serve.

Reasons To Join SERVPRO

Becoming the owner of a locally owned business that is also a nationally respected chain comes with an automatic level of prestige. In existence since 1967, many citizens are already aware of the quality work SERVPRO provides. Those whose buildings require restoration will naturally be inclined to trust your SERVPRO franchise the instant it opens.
SERVPRO is also certified for delivering COVID-19 cleanings. In light of recent history, this is an expanding field unlikely to diminish any time soon. Locations ranging from restaurants and offices to schools and public spaces need viral pathogens eradicated. With over 50 years of experience conducting biohazard decontaminations, SERVPRO is positioned to become the go-to source for cleansing spaces everywhere.
As certified disaster recovery specialists, SERVPRO’s reputation remains top-notch. The training they administer and the equipment they provide make them fantastic at what they do. By joining SERVPRO, these advantages instantly become yours as well.
The decision to open a SERVPRO franchise is a smart move for many. If you wish to go into business for yourself but want to avoid the headache of creating a company from scratch, joining this already established organization could be the path that best matches your desires and situation.

How To Prevent Clogs in Old Drain Pipes

2/11/2021 (Permalink)

Clogged sink pipe. Unclog a drain from hairs and other stuff. Keep your drains clear of food and hair.

An old rental building in Acworth, GA, comes with plenty of charm. It may even be cheaper than an ultra-modern premise is. However, a property that was erected decades ago may also have a lot of problems. Clogged pipes, for instance, are particularly common in older structures. That is because these buildings usually feature polybutylene pipes that wear down over time.
Clogs are not just minor inconveniences, either. A major backup could cause a flood that necessitates water damage restoration services. You thus need to perform extra maintenance on your pipes to keep them functioning properly.

Enzyme Treatments

A clog can occur in a sink or in the main plumbing line. To prevent both types of blockages, follow the below steps:

1. Run Hot Water
Enzymes do their best work in warm temperatures. You should thus run the water in the sink until the temperature increases.

2. Make and Pour Enzymes
Enzymes are essentially powdered bacteria that destroy soap scum and other debris in the drain. Add water to liven up the dry enzymes and then pour them down the drain.

3. Turn on Water
Let the enzymes sit in the polybutylene pipes overnight. Then pour boiling water into the drain to flush away the remaining gunk.
Repeat this process in each sink at least once per month. You should also clear your main lines by flushing one cup of enzymes down the toilet. Do this four days in a row during each season.

Preventing Clogs

Besides using enzymes, you can also prevent clogs by keeping the pipes clear of debris. This means installing a lint catcher in any laundry room and making sure your tenants keep the drains clear of food and hair.
Tree roots are common sources of clogs, as well. You may want to chop down troublesome trees or use root killers in your toilets.
Polybutylene pipes in older properties can wear down or clog easily. Limit mainline blockages and use regular enzyme treatments to prevent severe water damage in your building.

6 Pieces of PPE for Mold Removal

2/2/2021 (Permalink)

A professional disinfector in overalls processes the walls from mold. Personal protective equipment is necessary to protect the professionals when they remove mold from a location

6 Pieces of PPE for Mold Removal

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is necessary to protect the professionals when they remove mold from a location. This is because mold spores can easily become airborne, inhaled, and travel to other sites. Fortunately, the professionals in Waleska, GA, wear all the PPE they need.

1. Gloves
Disposable latex gloves are necessary to keep the hands free from hazards during the cleanup process. If an individual is allergic to latex, they must wear nitrile or vinyl gloves instead.

2. Hair Covers
A disposable hair cover is going to resemble a shower cap. They prevent mold spores from landing in a worker's hair and being transferred to another location. These covers will be removed before the individual leaves the worksite and replaced with a new one anytime someone enters the contaminated area.

3. Shoe Covers
Shoe covers are disposable booties that go over work boots. They are also necessary to ensure mold is not tracked outside of the worksite. Like hair covers, they will be removed anytime someone leaves the contaminated area and replaced with a fresh pair when they return.

4. Goggles
Safety goggles are worn to protect the eyes. This is important because it keeps the eyes from being scratched or otherwise damaged. They also keep harmful chemicals from splashing into the eyes. These are necessary, and you will see them on any restoration team.

5. Masks
A face mask or respirator is worn to keep mold spores and debris from being inhaled. This is often considered one of the most important pieces of equipment used to protect someone that is removing mold.

6. Tyvek Suits
Some professionals choose to wear disposable Tyvek suits over their regular clothing. This is typical for commercial jobs. It makes it easy for workers to remove their clothing before leaving a site. This prevents them from spreading mold spores to the rest of the building.
A professional remediation company will only undertake a remediation job involving mold growth once they have donned the proper PPE. They will come prepared with all of these safety items. This keeps the workers safe. It also prevents mold spores from traveling to other locations.

3 Steps To Take If You Smell Natural Gas

2/2/2021 (Permalink)

Gas cooker with burning flames propane gas A gas leak can introduce a large quantity of flammable gas into a residence in a matter of minutes

3 Steps to Manage a Gas Leak

A natural gas leak can introduce a large quantity of flammable gas into a residence in a matter of minutes. Homeowners can take three steps to manage or resolve this problem. If a gas leak is ongoing, a homeowner may prevent a gas fire by shutting off the main valve and contacting the gas company or 911 from a safe distance.

1. Don't Turn On Lights or Electrical Appliances

Electric lighting or appliances may generate sparks that can cause a gas explosion. If a homeowner or other residents are searching for the source of a gas leak, battery-operated flashlights are safe to use.

2. Find the Source or Shut Off the Gas

The burners on a gas stove and oven can be accidentally turned on and cause natural gas to build up in a home without a leak. Homeowners may also want to check the condition of gas lines and connections leading to other appliances. If a leak is present or the source of the gas is not evident, a homeowner may reduce the risk of a gas fire by turning off the valve on the gas meter.

3. Ventilate and Evacuate

Ventilation is necessary whether the underlying issue has been solved or the gas has temporarily been shut off. A high concentration of gas can endanger utility workers and appliance repair specialists as well as residents. In the meantime, every occupant of a residence should evacuate.

Once a homeowner evacuates, he or she should assess the situation. If a leak is present from any source, it is advisable to contact the gas company in Ball Ground, GA. This may also be an appropriate scenario in which to call 911, particularly if the risk of a gas fire or explosion is high. If a fire or explosion occurs, a homeowner should also contact an insurance company and a mitigation and restoration service.

How To Choose Storm Shutters for Your Home

1/15/2021 (Permalink)

Residential equipment 1st floor Security shutter shutter shutter Roll down shutters installed in a Holly Spring, GA home

Types of Storm Shutters

If you live in an area that regularly experiences high winds, hurricanes, and tornadoes, such as Holly Springs, GA, you may consider adding storm shutters to your home. One reason that people choose not install them is because of the high upfront cost. While these shutters can be pricier than others initially, the trade-off in a lower insurance bill, fewer repair costs, and the safety of your family members can outweigh the initial sticker shock. While there is a broad range of hurricane shutters to choose from, here are a few types with high, middle, and low pricing.

Motorized Hurricane Shutters

When you're ready to go all out to protect your home from high winds, motorized hurricane shutters are the way to go. Installing the shutters and motors will run between $6,000 and $10,000, depending on the size of your home. If your home has high windows, or you're concerned about your ability to properly place or close other types of window protection, a motorized option removes those barriers.

Roll Down Shutters

Roll down shutters sit comfortably in the middle of the range of options. Installed permanently above each window, roll down shutters deploy via a hand or motorized crank, travel down a track, and bolt at the bottom of the window. This style typically costs between $1,700 and $4,000.

Accordion Shutters

Short of nailing plywood over your windows, accordion shutters are the most cost-effective option. Running between $1,200 and $2,400, these shutters live in boxes on either side of the window and when opened, fold over to meet in the middle where you can secure them.
Hurricane shutters don't prevent damage from high winds if they aren't properly installed or secured. If your home does experience storm damage, a water damage remediation professional can help to get the repair process underway.
Despite high upfront costs, storm shutters can help to prevent more extensive damage that could be caused without them.

4 Times You Need to Replace Your Carpet

12/28/2020 (Permalink)

Wet carpet, water standing on carpet Damaged carpet floor

Here Are Some Times When You Need To Replace Your Rug

While regular maintenance can extend your rug's life, every carpet is going to need to be replaced sooner or later. Sometimes, it is obvious that the rug in your Canton, GA home needs to be replaced.

1. When It Is Stained
If a pipe break or other water damage has got you covering stains with armchairs, it is time for a new rug. Typically, the qualified remediation professionals will tell you that you need carpeting after water damage. However, if they don't or if your carpeting has other types of stains, it is time for a new rug.

2. When It Gets a Rip
That remediation after a pipe break may have led to rips in your rug. You shouldn't have to move your furniture over the rips or be embarrassed to show off your rug. If you notice tears, your rug is too far gone, and you need a new one.

3. When It Smells
If you start to notice a funny smell emanating from your floor, you should give it a good cleaning. If the smell doesn't go away, it means that it is permanent and you need a new rug.

4. When It Gets Wet
A pipe break or small water spill can cause your rug to get wet. This can lead to mold spores growing in the floor which you walk on and lay on. To keep your home healthier, you should replace a rug any time it gets wet.
Whether a restoration processed put a hole in your rug or you noticed a peculiar smell coming from your floor, it is time to get a new rug. Remember, cleaning can only get rid of some of the stains and smells. If you notice any of the signs above, it is time for a new rug.

3 Tips for Protecting Your Business From Fire Damage

12/28/2020 (Permalink)

Automatic ceiling Fire Sprinkler at the Office Install a fire sprinkler system in your business

These Three Tips Can Help You Protect Your Business From A Fire

According to The Hartford, about 10% of small businesses suffer a fire loss with an average cost of about $35,000 per claim. Proper fire preparation is the key to reducing the chance of a fire occurring and mitigating the amount of damage.

1. Check Your Fire Extinguishers
Fire extinguishers are one of the most valuable tools for disaster preparation. Fire extinguishers can be used to put out small, localized fires before those fires can spread to other areas. However, to be an effective tool, the extinguishers need to be inspected and maintained according to the fire code in Ball Ground, GA. Additionally, employees should be trained on how to properly use them.

2. Install Fire Sprinklers
Another valuable fire preparation tool is a fire suppression or fire sprinkler system. These systems are required by law in some places. Even when not required, they can be worth installing because they can automatically detect and extinguish small fires before those fires can get worse and help mitigate larger fires until the fire department can extinguish them.

3. Keep Your Business Clean
Train your employees to dispose of waste, such as boxes and piles of paper, properly, rather than piling them up on your property where they can provide more fuel for a fire and increase fire damage. Additionally, advise employees not to block walkways, stairways and fire escapes. Clutter in these areas can make it difficult for employees to evacuate during a fire emergency. If your business needs cleaning after a fire event, a fire restoration company can assist you with the process.
Many businesses will experience at least one fire during their time in operation. These fire preparation tips can help you reduce the chances of a fire occurring and mitigate the damage caused by any fires that do start.

What Is Category 1 Water Damage and How Do You Clean It Up?

12/15/2020 (Permalink)

Wet carpet Commercial water damage in Woodstock, GA

What Is Category 1 Water Damage?

It is never a good thing to find water damage in your building. It doesn't take a lot of water to ruin building materials and personal belongings. Moisture in your facility can also cause mold growth. There are different levels of water damage, with Category 3 being the most severe. If clean water floods your office, it is considered Category 1 damage. It can still be concerning, so prompt cleanup is essential.

A Deeper Look at Category 1 Water
While the worst type of water damage will come from sewer lines or toilet overflows, Category 1 water will come from clean water sources. These will include the following:

  • The main supply line into your building
  • Bathroom sink faucets
  • Broken pipes
  • Overflowing or ruptured water fountains

The Problems This Flooding Can Cause
Category 1 water does not have contamination, so coming into contact with or ingesting in shouldn't pose health risks. Still, the water can damage items in your Woodstock, GA, building such as merchandise, office equipment, workstations and personal items in offices. If you do not remove the water and clean the area soon enough, you may not be able to salvage these materials.

The Cleanup Process
For minor flooding from a broken pipe or other issues, you may be able to remove the water with a wet vacuum. However, more widespread flooding requires the experience and skill of a professional flood cleanup company. A technician will first extract all standing water in your building. To prevent mold and mildew growth, the company will then use high-powered fans to dry the affected area. Sanitizing all surfaces will also ensure that the building is clean and ready for your safe return.
Experiencing a flood in the workplace, even with clean water, can be devastating. Make sure you get in touch with a qualified team of professionals so you can get your office back in working order.

Will My Building Have Mold After a Roof Leak?

12/8/2020 (Permalink)

Hand pointing to mold growth on ceiling Black mold damage in a Woodstock, GA building

Will My Building Have Mold After a Roof Leak?

If your business has experienced roof damage in Woodstock, GA, you may wonder if black mold or other molds might be growing due to a ceiling leak. Mold grows quickly in a damp environment and should be remediated as soon as possible.

How Long Does It Take for Mold to Grow?
Mold spores exist everywhere naturally and are present in normal levels both inside and outside. Mold spores enter a building through various ways:

  • HVAC systems
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • The clothing of people coming in

When high humidity or moisture is present, mold can grow on almost any surface and it can begin to spread within 48-72 hours. A commercial building restoration service can help you begin remediation as soon as possible.

Steps to Remediation
The first thing to do is to make temporary repairs. Tarps, boards, or other materials may be used to stop the roof leak until permanent repairs can be made.
A building restoration company will assess the damage and amount of mold. Mold can be present in insulation or other places where it is hard to see. The company will use special equipment to locate hidden black mold or other types of mold, along with moisture or water sources that might not be visible.
The next step is to contain the mold, using physical barriers, air purifiers, or other equipment as needed. Once mold is contained, cleanup can begin using antimicrobial or antifungal treatments. Any porous materials that are infested may need to be removed. If mold has grown inside the building due to a ceiling leak, other surfaces like carpet and drywall may need cleaning or replacing. A building restoration service can work with you to repair or remodel areas affected by mold.
Prompt action is the key to preventing the spread of black mold or other molds after a roof leak. Stopping the water flow and removing moisture quickly will go a long way in preventing further damage.

How To Prepare Kids for a Fire Emergency

12/8/2020 (Permalink)

Little boy pretend as a fire fighter Kids' safety is an integral part of any fire escape plan

How To Prepare Kids for a Fire Emergency

As a parent, you work hard to keep your kids safe. When was the last time you performed a drill or went over an escape route? Every kid's safety plan should include well-planned and practiced fire emergency steps.

Create a Plan
Develop fire escape plans as a family. Find all of the possible exits and mark them on a map of your home. Create routes from each bedroom so that each child has his or her own escape plan. Decide on a meeting place outside of the house as a family. Allowing kids to help with the planning helps them learn and memorize what to do if there is a home fire.

Performing fire drills at least twice a year will keep your family up to date on kids safety. When practicing, treat the drill as though it were real. Set off smoke alarms and have your children use the following fire safety tactics:

  • Roll out of the bed and flat on their stomachs onto the floor
  • Crawl on their forearms and knees to the nearest exit
  • Check doors with the back of their hands to see if they are hot before opening them
  • Close doors behind them to prevent spread and fire damage

With practice, children can use these methods to avoid as much fire and smoke exposure as possible in a real emergency.

Prep Your Home
Preparing your kids means preparing your home, too. Install smoke alarms in every bedroom and outside of all sleeping areas. Change the batteries every six months. Periodically check that windows are easy to open and that exit doors are easy to access. Finally, keep a list of emergency numbers, including the local fire department in Woodstock, GA, and memorize them with your kids.
Kids' safety is an integral part of any fire escape plan. With proper planning and practice, your family can rest easier knowing that you are all prepared.