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The Importance of Professional Water Damage Restoration

8/31/2017 (Permalink)

The Importance of Professional Water Damage Restoration

All landlords and homeowners dread water damage. It is even more challenging when the cause is hidden leaking pipe, and the damage has been taking place over a long period. As a home owner, you are supposed to contact water damage experts as soon as you discover a pipe break, supply line break or water damage in the home. Below are some tips and guidelines that will help you in successful restoration of flood damage and other forms of water damage and presence of water in home or water in business.

Emergency Contact

The first thing you should do immediately you discover a pipe break, leak or another source of water damage is instructing everyone to leave the house. In the case of emergencies such as a flooded home, do not attempt to salvage any items as this could lead to injuries and drowning. After you are assured that the occupants who can leave have left, contact a restoration company. Most restoration companies will have an emergency response service for mitigation and will, therefore, arrive to assess the cause of water in home within a few minutes or hours after you have contacted them.

Inspection and Water damage assessment in the flooded home

The restoration company will start their evaluation as soon as they get to the scene. They will try and establish the source of water in home if it is not flooding related. In case it is a supply line break, they will turn the water off at the meter or further away to prevent further damage. They will also look at the extent to which the presence of the water has affected the overall contents and structures in the house such as furniture and wooden cabinets. They will remove any movable structure to have an easy time with the extraction, drying and restoration.

Water removal or extraction

When they have removed the movable components, they will use pumps to remove the amount of water stagnated in the home. When the company has good pumps, the water cleanup process will not be a challenge. The removal will be started within hours of their arrival to minimize further flood damage.

Drying and moisture removal

After the water cleanup, the restoration company will take further restoration and mitigation measures to prevent the growth of mold and further flood damage by drying the home. A reliable company uses the least intrusive and scientific methods to draw any remaining moisture.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

When you have experienced a flooded home, your entire furniture and upholstery will be very filthy. The mitigation companies also offer cleanup and drying services for the furniture. In cases where a pipe break led to extensive water leakage, wooden structures might have started to grow mold and rot. The companies usually have special anti-microbial treatments to remove any odors that could have been left behind on the furniture.


This is the last step in the process. The amount of repair done depends on the extent of flood damage or other damage that was caused by a pipe break or supply line break. In case dry walls have been destroyed in the process, the experts will replace them with fresh ones. In case the damage was significant, they might have to reconstruct entire rooms and other structures ruined by the presence of water in home.

These are the steps typically followed by water in business removal and restoration experts. The important thing to understand is that the restoration company has to be contacted as soon as you realize you have a flooded home or water in business. Remember that when the water is allowed to remain stagnated for a long time, it leads to further growth of mold and increases the amount of rotting. Cases of supply line break also mean that the water bill is piling up every hour that the problem remains unsolved. Look for contacts of reliable experts in water cleanup, drying mitigation of flood damage and repair after the damage of water in business. As long as you have a competent flood damage restoration company working for you, you can be assured that water cleanup will be done on time and that the house will be clean and ready to occupy within a short period.
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