What our Customers say...

Fire Damage Testimonials

I was so impressed with the way everyone genuinely seemed to care. Thank you!

The office staff is very professional and polite!

No more smokey smell in my rental unit! Thanks so very much. I need to rent the place again and it would have been hard with that grease fire smell.

We had a fire in our kitchen start while making fries. Your crew cleaned up everything and worked hard to get rid of the smell of burning fries. It was everywhere in our house, but gone now. Thanks so much.

The soot was bad, but the smell was the worst. You didn’t give up until all the smoky odor was gone. Thanks. We can get on with our life now.

It’s hard to put the fire damage behind when the smokey smell hangs around. A couple of different tries and SERVPRO eliminated the smell. Like how you came back when we called and tried one more time -- it was the charm.